Discover if the pavement temperature is safe for walking your pet

How it works: Enable your browser's location to access pavement data in your area. The data provided is approximate and calculated using formulas generated by AI.

Temperature Range Table
No dataCategoryRecommendation
No dataExcellentSafe for walking
No dataVery GoodSafe for walking
No dataGoodSafe for walking
No dataAlertCaution: Limit walking time and offer water
No dataMax. alertDangerous: Avoid long walks
No dataDangerousExpect lower temperatures
  • Keep walks during cooler hours, avoiding the hottest times like midday.
  • Before going out, check the ground temperature, temPAWrature is a good option.
  • Hydrate your pet's paw pads with coconut oil.
  • Watch for signs of irritation or burns on the paw pads.
  • Provide fresh water and shade at all times to keep your dog hydrated and cool.
  • If your pet shows signs of discomfort or exhaustion during the walk, return home immediately and rest.

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